Flash Dryer

Author:hngoob           Renew time:2020-02-22

The flash dryer designed and manufactured by SFM is not only suitable for all kinds of tubers starch drying, but also corn and wheat starch drying.

The process configuration and technical parameter in the whole process is strictly controlled according to the scientific theory which ensures the high quality of the final product. The flash dryer is made of high grade stainless steel and thus is a perfect choice for customers.


Provide high voltage or low voltage drying system, drying duct special design and low the height basing on the drying efficiency, easy installation and maintenance;

Increase the heat efficiency by heat recycling system;

Ensure the stability and accuracy of the water content of material after drying;

Ensure the high quality of the final product with cooling system;

Decrease the energy consumption by 50%.



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