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Characteristics of the equipment

The company's high-tech products and patented technology products;

The product design is novel, the structure is compact;

High speed, fine grinding of materials, uniform particle, high free rate of starch;

The drum is forged by special stainless steel, with hundreds of saw blades on its top and bottom.

The design of the unique drum groove structure is easy to speed up the saw blade assembly.

The unique pressure structure design is convenient for quick and convenient replacement saw blade.

The saw blade is made of special materials with high hardness and wear resistance.

The design has two - way file grinding combination file, with interchangeability and high crushing rate.

The special screen fastening device is used to remove the screen.

Adopt the observation window design to facilitate the quick inspection of the use of saw blades;

Adopt Swedish "SKF" bearing and German import strength belt;

It is widely used in potato starch processing industry to file and grind the potato raw materials.


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